We started our journey with a thought to take along those people who are doing some initiative to save the earth. We humans are creating a lot of garbage, which is causing a lot of damage to nature. From now on, we have to work on the policy of zero waste. We have to bring minimalism and sustainability in our life. Art is a tool that has many techniques and creates a lot of ways in which an artist can bring this vision to their work which can inspire others. Let’s start a new trend with ECO AWARE ART GALLERY, We will make our artwork from old, waste recycle and found materials. We will not harm nature for work. At Eco-aware art gallery, we are convinced that our gallery will bring Transparency and Equity to the Zero Waste Art World. The eco Aware Team will try to convey the message DON’T USE AND THROW, JUST USE AND GROW around the globe. Artists should use waste and recycle materials in their Artwork As Far As Possible. ECO Aware Art Gallery concerns itself with ecological activism and highlighting the issues related to nature. Our vision is how as an artist, we can help the environment with our work because an artist gives a message to the society without saying anything from his or her artwork. Our motto is not just REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE, but zero waste is our priority, our planet is finite, and resources are finite. So being in a creative field, we have a double responsibility to be aware and do the rest. So we have started this gallery in which every event exhibition will be related to Eco Awareness. Artwork made of waste, found and recycled materials will be promoted and exhibited. As an artist who focuses much of their time on conservation and the betterment of the environment, we find it surprising how much waste an artist produces unintentionally! From the empty paint tubes, to the plastic covering canvases, to colored pencil shavings, to the fabric scraps there is so much waste. So with this gallery we totally support and promote the work made by waste materials because our priority is to save our planet.